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Publications | 2013

Texture and functional analysis of formulations with Electron Spin Resonance (ESR)
by Thomas Herrling, Marietta Seifert, Katinka Jung
SOFW-Journal | 139 | 9-2013
Publication pages SÖFW92013

Review Article
Skin care formulations: meaning good, doing bad ? Minimising formulation- mediated ROS burst in skin by using cosmetic actives
By Katinka Jung, Marietta Seifert, Thomas Herrling, Birgit Suter, Barbara Obermayer, Stefan Bänziger
H & PC Today Household & Personal Care Today Vol. 8(2)
March/April 2013

Review Article
Cerium Dioxide: Future UV-Filter in Sunscreen ?
By Thomas, Herrling, Marietta Seifert, Katinka Jung
SÖFW-Journal 139/ 7/2013