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Publications | 2008

Antioxidative Power of formulations over life time: unique active
superior than vitamins
SÖFW Journal 134 9/2008, 52-60 (authors: R. Graf, T. Beck, T. Rudolph, K. Jung, T. Herrling, F. Pflücker)

The Influence of the preparation of Tea Extracts on their Antioxidant
Capacity and Reactivity
Global Ingredients & Formulations Guide 2008, p 55, Verlag für chemische Industrie, H. Ziolkowsky GmbH, Augsburg, Germany July 2008 (authors: K. Jung, M. Seifert, T. Herrling)

2008 Strategy for efficient prevention from photo-ageing H. Flößer-Müller, S. Champ, C. Kandzia, K. Jung, M. Seifert, T. Herrling SÖFW Journal 134 8/2008, 23 – 32

The radical hair protection factor RHF – The new parameter characterizing the beneficial effect of hair care products HPC House hold and personal care Today nr. 1/2008
(authors: Herrling T, Jung K)

The fatal effect of self-tanning agents during UV irradiation Part I
SÖFW-Journal 134 1-2008 (authors: Jung K, Seiffert M, Blume G, Herrling T)

"The vital consequences of choosing the right UV-filter for the prevention of free radical boosting in UV-irradiated skin after the application of self tanning creams."
K. Jung, S. Champ, H. Flößer-Müller, M. Seifert, T. Herrling, SÖFW journal 7/2008, 32-39.